1. Țiriac Auto Bacău- HVAC system for showroom and service facilities, 5000 mp
  2. Țiriac Auto Piatra Neamț-HVAC system for showroom and service facilities, 5000 mp
  3. Cybernet Autocenter Audi Bacau-HVAC system for showroom and service facilities, 2000 mp
  4. Cybernet Autocenter VW- Piatra Neamt-HVAC system for showroom and service facilities, 4000 mp
  5. Aerostar Bacău– HVAC system for aircraft hangar (B737-A320 maintenance)
  6. Zara Vitosha (Sofia-Bulgaria) 2500 mp–HVAC installation
  7. Zara, Bershka, Pull& Bear, Stradivarius – Lotus Mall Oradea 4500 mp –HVAC installation
  8. Pull& Bear Unirea București- HVAC installation
  9. Bershka, Pull& Bear, Stradivarius-Unirea Brasov- HVAC installation
  10. Massimo Dutti-Varna- HVAC installation
  11. Zara, Bershka, Pull& Bear, Stradivarius–Galleria Mall Arad–HVAC installation
  12. Zara, Stradivarius and Pull&Bear Băneasa Shopping City: HVAC installation based on VRF Hitachi technique
  13. Pull&Bear Palas Mall Iași: installing additional cooling power based on Hitachi VRF technique, over an existing system with chiller and fan-coils
  14. Massimo Dutti-Iulius Mall Cluj- HVAC installation
  15. Kaufland Ploiesti- HVAC installation
  16. Philip Morris România-HVAC refurbishment
  17. Glaxo Smithkline Brasov- HVAC refurbishment
  18. TRW ZF (Roman, Neamț county) : HVAC complete system with chiller, air handling units, boilers on gas supply, fire extinguishing systems, compressed air production and distribution, water supply systems, waste water drainage, sanitary systems, indoor and outdoor hydrant networks for new production facilities  H4 (in 2017) and H5-(during 2019/2020 period)
  19. Residential complex in Bucharest București, Mihail Sebastian street, 120 apartments: heating, air conditioning, sanitary, water supply
  20. Hotel President in Bacău: heating, air conditioning, sanitary, water supply
  21. Lidl and Penny markets in Bucharest, Iași, Huși, Focșani: complete installation systems (except electrical systems)
  1. Aerostar Bacău:
  • HVAC systems for hangars used for aircraft construction/ maintenance
  • VRF systems for administrative offices and industrial facilities
  • Climate systems for special facilities (archives with temperature-humidity control)
  • Water supply and distribution network
  • food refrigeration facilities for canteen

23. Dedeman supermarkets in Onești, Zalău, Călărași: wastewater drainage networks, water supply, irrigation systems, indoor and outdoor hydrants

24. Vrancart Adjud: HVAC systems for different industrial facilities, water supply and wastewater networks

25. MEWI Import Export Agrar-Industrietchnik- showrooms and maintenance facilities for agriculture equipment-HVAC systems, water supply and wastewater networks

26. CIECH Sodă Vâlcea: Cooling with close-control Climaveneta equipment for Aerzen compressor room

27. CROCO Onești-Fire extinguishing systems with sprinklers and hydrants

28. ELECTROTEHNO Bacău- air conditioning equipment for high power electrical transformers placed in containers (within electrical plants or other facilities producing high power supply)

29. GELADI Adjud-Producer of elastic core for maltresses: HVAC systems

30. CROCO Onești – Industrial steam production and distribution system

31. Shopping City Timișoara, Park Lake București-air supply distribution ducts

32. Interbrands-British Amercican Tabaco- HVAC systems

33. “30 Avenue” Office building-Bacău 6000 mp–HVAC system with GEA chillers and fan-coils